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A Fashion Blogger's Scarf Affair December 04, 2015 14:49

Do you ever have those days when you wish you could add a splash of colour to your monochrome outfits? If yes, then this outfit post is for you! In this post, Irena D, a fashion blogger from Manchester (UK), shows how you can style a beautiful luxury, vintage scarf with a monochrome outfit and add some glamour to your look. Irena is wearing the Beautiful Friend Scarf from My Scarf Affair. Get the full outfit details on her blog post.

How do you style your scarves? Do you love scarves as much as we do? Take a pic and share it on Instagram using #myscarfaffair. We would love to see and share your pics!


Sheena x 

Have A Red Affair This Winter November 27, 2015 15:31

I am absolutely crushing over this gorgeous and oh so stunning red scarf! If there is one thing I like about Russian scarves, it is that they come in such beautiful, striking and attractive colours. I am absolutely enamoured by this red Stranger Scarf. I think its the perfect scarf to brighten up any outfit this winter. And as they say, when in doubt, wear red :)

Fashion blogger, Aakriti Rana, from lachicaloca, loves this scarf too! She has styled our scarf stunningly with an all black outfit. Check out photos from her blog below and read the full story here.

Have you got a red scarf? How do you style it? Take a pic and share it on Instagram using #myscarfaffair. We would love to see and share it!


Sheena x

A Romantic Affair With My Scarf November 20, 2015 12:10 1 Comment

My love for scarves started when I was 16. With my first pay from Burger King I ran into a store called Cotton On in Auckland and bought a bright pink scarf that I had been eyeing for a very long time. 11 years later I still have that scarf. And 15 others in my collection. My latest affair is of course Russian Scarves which made me start My Scarf Affair.

There is something magical about these scarves. Their versatility, strong character and timelessness makes them very appealing.  Used as a headscarf, it adds a touch of whimsy to a prim look and is a remedy to a bad-hair day; as a shawl, it is both a stylish and practical alternative to a blazer on a chilly spring night. Bright and colourful, it is an equally telling accessory peaking from under the muted-coloured trench coat, layered boldly with solid colours or tied to a corner of a classic leather tote.

In this post, I am wearing my Romance Scarf in black. I love the bold colours of this scarf which help bring together this all black outfit so well.  I also love the fact that this bold scarf replaces the need to wear any jewellery which works really well with winter outfits!

Scroll down to see the pics :) Let me know what you think of this scarf. Do you love scarves as much as I do? 


Sheena x

In this outfit I am wearing a black dress (from Bangkok), black coat (from Forever New Australia) and my Romance Scarf in black from My Scarf Affair.

Scarf Weather Is Upon Us! November 06, 2015 12:52

Can you feel the crispness in the air? Yes, it is definitely scarf weather now. The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. These days I don't step out without a scarf around my neck to keep me warm and cozy.

I am such an advocate for scarves for both men and women! Scarves give your outfits layers, textures, pop of colour and can be worn all seasons. They are such a versatile piece of clothing. You can never have too many scarves in your wardrobe!

I find that good quality scarves never go old. If taken good care of, high quality scarves last a long time and become a part of your 'collection'. My latest love, and the newest addition to my growing scarf collection, is this lovely bright blue scarf, Maria, from our very own My Scarf Affair shop. Bright and floral, beautiful and elegant, luxurious and chic, this scarf definitely brightens up my wintery days....

Do you wear scarves? What is your latest scarf love?



In this outfit I am wearing a plain black dress (bought in Thailand) paired with black stockings, ankle boots (Novo Australia), grey woollen coat (Zara UK) and of course my latest crush, Maria Scarf Blue (My Scarf Affair).

The pale blue and pink flowers on a bright blue background make this scarf look just like a painting. Every fold is a surprise; you never know which part of the painting you might see this time. 

Contrasted with a solid black dress and a grey coat, this bright floral scarf helps bring together my outfit so well. This scarf is dreamy and nostalgic, feminine and elegant, and warm and cozy. 


An Autumn Afternoon With My Russian Scarf October 26, 2015 14:53

With its warm and ever changing colours, autumn is my favourite time of the year. I have created this autumn look to share with you one of my autumn scarf-outfit combinations. 

In this look I have layered a bright red Russian scarf with a bold black dress and a solid cream coloured coat. What I love about scarves is that they can brighten up an outfit while adding texture and warmth. And you don't have to wait for spring to be able to wear colour!

What's your favourite thing about fall? Do you have any favourite clothing items? Do share! 



I'm wearing a plain black dress (bought in Thailand) with black stockings (Marks & Spencers UK), a wool coat (Forever New Australia), wool hat (Boohoo UK), ankle boots (Kurt Geiger UK) and of course my Stranger scarf (My Scarf Affair).

The floral designs and the silk fringes couldn't make me feel more feminine and elegant. Styling this scarf is the easiest thing ever. Its bold colour and daring flowery prints makes it go with any contrasting solid colours, giving a bit of that vintage refinement, traditional edge and luxury look to my outfit.  Wrapped up in this woollen scarf on an autumn afternoon, I want to sit with a pumpkin spiced latte by a window and just watch the world go by.